Privacy Policy

Rémi Carrier inc. is commited to protect your personal data and privacy. We will only use the information you give us to complete your orders and to transmit to you by email promotions that we see fit for your business as seen in

The personal and confidential data that you give us, when openning an account with one of our representatives, are only kept to accelrate the time required to process your orders.

For this purpose, here are the details about our privacy policy.

Information obtained and its usage

To complete an order, we need to know your name, your email address and the addresses where the products must be delivered and invoiced. This enables us to process your orders and assure the follow up of your orders with utmost respect of our security procedures.

The different addresses of delivery and invoicing that you give us will be kept in order for you to reuse them, without limitation of time, to make additional purchases. In any way shall Rémi Carrier inc. use the names and addresses of these individuals or entities for promotional purposes.

Additionally, we require your phone number and/or fax number in order to get in touch with you in the best time possible in the event of a problem relating to your order or it's delivery.

When you ask us questions that require us to respond to you, your email address is required.

All these informations that you provide us are also necessary if you wish to be made aware of our exceptional promotions or participate in one of our contests.

We also use this information to upgrade the organizational and visual aspects of, to alert you of changes and new services that you will find in our website and to announce all particular offers that corespond to your needs. Access to this data is strictly limited by a specific group of employees specially chosen to be part of our working staff for and that, only during the exercise of their duties at work. If you do not want to receive our newsletters, you simply have to send us a request using the form in the Contact section.

Protection of your confidential information

When you complete a purchase online using, your credit card information is transmited over the Internet using cyptographic security measures (Secure Socket Layer protocol) used by your browser. No credit card information is kept in : your credit card number is accessed only for the current transaction.

Furthermore, we have strict security policies with regards to archiving and availability of information that you have provided us in order to avoid unauthorized access. For this purpose, it is possible that we ask you again to prove your identity before sharing any personal information with you.


Cookies are information that an http server records on your local hard disk drive of your computer to identify you. Our cookies do not contain confidential information, they only allow us to engage in different operations like order processing or previous products you visited. Most browsers accept cookies automatically. However, it is possible for you to refuse them by changing the required settings of your computer. Even without cookies, you can still access the majority of content available on our website.

Sharing of your coordinates with 3rd parties

Guaranteeing you our best confidentiality, Rémi Carrier inc. is commited not disclose nor commercialize any information concerning you or concerning the recipients of your purchases to 3rd parties, except where legal constraints (testimony in court, interrogation, document request, subpoena, civil investigation or any other similar procedure requested by a court of law, or to comply with government regulations or another regulator, or other legal obligations) require us to do so.

Links to other websites

Our website provides links to other private organizations. The information exchanged are no longer subject to our privacy policy, but to that of the website you are visiting.

If you want to remove your profile from Rémi Carrier inc.'s files, you can contact us using the form in the Contact section.

Rémi Carrier inc. reserves the right to modify, at any given time, it's privacy policy. In this case, we will advise all parties concerned.

Revision: pp_1.4 - June 5th 2015