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Terms of Use

Rémi Carrier inc. maintains an informative website (hereafter « the Site ») in order to provide everyone a free access to a lot of information about Rémi Carrier inc., it's activites and products offered. These details are available on a site which the (URL) address is, called a « Domain name¹ », appears as follows:


The users who accesses the Site (hereafter the « Visitor »/s ³), accesses it from their own free will. Consequently, the Visitor accepts that the present « General conditions of use » define the content and functionality of the Site as well as it's authorized use by the Visitor. Rémi Carrier inc. is commited to respect it's privacy policy with regards to the Visitor.

1. Accuracy of information

Even though a lot of effort has been put into the development of the Site, Rémi Carrier inc. does not guarantee, expressed or implied, as for the correctness, the completeness, the validity or topicality of the provided details. Rémi Carrier inc. reserves the right, to it's discretion and without warning, to remove, modify or update all or partial content of the Site.

2. Price

All products and services that show a price are in Canadien dollars, unless of an indication otherwise stated.

3. Exclusions of responsibility

Rémi Carrier inc. offers no guarantee in relation to the use of the Site and the Visitor accepts to use it (as is) and to rely on the Visitor's own risks. Rémi Carrier inc. and it's administrators, employess or agents are under any circumstances not liable of any civil suit resulting from loss or damages of any sort, including, not limited to, financial loss, interruption of activities, loss of programs or data resulting from:

  • (i) the use of the Site or any other site linked by hyperlink,
  • (ii) of the modification or removal of all or partial content of the Site, including hyperlinks,
  • (iii) of errors, omissions, innacurate or outdated details, given to or instructed to the visitor by way of the Site,
  • (iv) of the action of harmful programming entering or passing through the Site.

4. Intellectual property

Some names, words, titles, expressions, logos, icons, graphic elements, drawings or other content residing on the Site are tradenames or trademarks that Rémi Carrier inc. owns or was given permission to use by means of a permit or license. All other material contained in the Site is protected by copyright laws.

All downloads, retransmissions, copies or modifications of non authorized trademarks, images, texts or data contained in the Site could violate federal or provincial legislation and all laws relating to trademarks or copyrights and can expose the Visitor to judiciary procedures.

Except for the needs of navigation on the Internat and unless otherwise stated, it is strictly forbidden to copie, redistribute, reproduce, republish, store on any media, retransmit, or modify the information contained on this Site or to use it in a public or commercial way, under any form whatsoever.

The editorial works created by Rémi Carrier inc. (index, HTML tags, hypertexts or others) cannot be reused without authorization.

Rémi Carrier inc. reserves the right to forbid external indexation and mass download of it's databases. In particular, we reserve the right to block access to such mechanisms performing these tasks, such as bots, « spiders » and other indexing tools or automatic downloaders.

5. Domain names

The domain name is the exclusive property of Rémi Carrier inc.. No domain name spoofing via hyperlinks, frames or registration of related domain names will be tolerated.

6. Hyperlinks originating from the Site

The Site contains hyperlinks that allow the Visitor to access other sites. These links are put in place for the Visitor in order to offer an intuitive and enjoyable navigation experience. The existence of such links do not indicate endorsement, implicit or explicit of the sites concerned, to their content or to other sites from there on and Rémi Carrier inc. cannot be held liable for their content.

Rémi Carrier inc. reserves the right to add, remove or modify all links appearing on the Site. Rémi Carrier inc. assumes no responsibilities with regards to the links chosen.

7. Hyperlinks to the Site

Rémi Carrier inc. expressly forbids anyone to authorize or put in place a link towards the Site from a 3rd party, to use framing techniques, to mirror or use other similar methods without the express written consent of Rémi Carrier inc..

The fact that there are non authorized links towards the Site does not constitute consent or waiver to the rights and recourse of Rémi Carrier inc.. The existence of such non authorized links do not bind in any way Rémi Carrier inc..

The autorization of Rémi Carrier inc. has no effect to support, sanction or otherwise recongnize the content of such sites and Rémi Carrier inc. is not liable for the content of the sites towards the Site or any links contained therin.

8. Specific rules

In case of conflict between the rules stated in this terms of use and specific rules stated on a page of the Site in relation to particular content, the specific rule prevails.

9. Jurisdiction

If the use of the Site by the Visitor should result in a dispute, it must be resolved following the applicable laws of Québec and Canada in a court of the judiciary district of Montréal.

10. Information, licences et comments

To conclude, we invite all Visitors to address their questions, comments and requests to Rémi Carrier inc..

¹ Some sites have more than one Internet address (URL) in order to facilitate access to the site by the Visitor and certain sites or micro-sites of different addresses could be added by Rémi Carrier inc. from time to time. All these sites are part of the Site and are deemed to be domain names.

³ The « Visitor » is defined as being the person who navigates on the Site and the person who authorizes the use of the computer or equipment to navigate on the Site.

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